Introduction to Ouroboros

Before the dark days of the Visporanzi war, dragons kept to themselves mostly, not interfering with the lesser species and letting humans guide the lesser races as the world developed. Metallics and Chromes waged their petty little wars as usual with the Castophs trying to keep the balance maintained between the two, and succeeded, for the skirmishes never spread to far outside of the draconic kingdoms.

But then the rise of the Yuan changed everything, allying with the Chromes and started waging a war beyond the level the world could survive, so in stepped the Metallics with the aid of their Castrophic brethren, after answering the call from Io, to fight back the allied forces of the Yuan and Chromes, but despite their success, they tore most of the world apart in the process, destroying most of civilization as it was known, and causing the world to come alive once more as it had in the beginning and start the healing and evolution process all over again.

The Fey wild expanded, and as it did it healed the land it took over, but forced those of non-fey descent out, and in time they were all herded up by the Mettalics and brought to the continent of Arasin, and with the help of their draconic protectors built the majestic city of Varlun, where the draconics took to ruling as nobles over the lesser races, protecting them from all harm and guiding them as they slowly begin to relearn this new world.

This world has been damaged thanks to the war. Terrible physical, magical and most of all psionic forces were all used in helping to destroy and remaking most of the world as the war finally ended and a new era began.

There is one main inhabitant continent, with small islands that dot it nearby carrying smaller villages and towns. The capitol city of Varlun, which is nestled in a protective valley with mountains for walls, is mostly human and draconic, though the eyes of the civilians see more dragonborn than actual dragons themselves. With this and the port city of Liberty Point far to the south to bring in trade and other valuables, these two shiny, beacons of light and hope are all that remain within the world.

The rest of the world is an untamed wilderness, with large pockets contained within the feywild as it goes about repairing the world, but other rifts seem to have been ripped into its fabric as well, allowing for all sorts of new secrets and enemies to be found. Others, however, speak of a dark world encroaching upon this one and swallowing up small pockets as it begins to devour Ouroboros and making her a shadow of her once great self.

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